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Google Team Drive | Suggested Business Folder Structure

This guide will provide you with some advice on how to best layout your folder structure so that it's easy to find all the information spread throughout your Google drive.

Companies often make it hard on themselves by naturally growing a file share allowing people to add folders as they go without proper strategy.

Below is a recommendation of the folder structure that would suit most businesses,  given that all companies, from a single person to a large corporate, must have a sales department, marketing, operations, Finance, human resources, policies and procedures and business strategy.

By utilising a numbering method we are able to give priority to certain folders.  At the top most level we have the following folders.

  1. Business Strategy

  2. Customers

  3. Finance

  4. Human Resources

  5. Operations

  6. Policies and Procedures

  7. Sales & Marketing

Underneath the Business Strategy folder:

  1. Business Strategy

1.1 Your Vision

1.2 Your Mission

1.3 Your Values

1.4 Your Organisational Chart

1.5 Future Planning

Underneath the Customers folder:

  1. Customers/Clients

2.1 Client - ABC Kids

2.1.1 Client Overview Brief

2.1.2 Client Documentation

2.1.3 Estimates / Quotes

2.2 Client - DEF Financial

2.2.1 Client Overview Brief

2.2.2 Client Documentation

2.2.3 Estimates / Quotes

(Repeating for each client)

Underneath the Finance folder:

  1. Finance

3.1 Partnership Agreements

3.2 Payroll

3.3 Payment Schedules

Underneath the Human Resources folder:

  1. Human Resources 

4.1 Organsiational Chart

4.2 Position Descriptions

4.3 Employees

4.4 Contractors

4.5 Tax Forms

Underneath the Operations folder:
The operations folder will be unique for most companies, depending on what your deliverables are at each stage of production.

  1. Operations


Support Desk

Projects (Internal)

Projects (Customer Focused)

Remote Support

Network Configuration

Underneath the Policies and Procedures folder:

  1. Policies and Procedures

6.1 Policies - Employee Conduct and Safety

6.2 Policies - Customer Service

6.3 ...

6.8 Process - Staff Onboarding

6.9 Process - Sales Process

6.10 Process - Client Onboarding

6.11 ...

Underneath the Sales & Marketing folder:
In my business this folder is a single header folder, but your business may seperate these into their own folder

      7.1 Branding - Company Name
      7.2 Onsite Store Assets
      7.3 Graphic Assets
      7.4 Sales Presentations
      7.5 Sales Calculators
      7.6 Ready To Publish Assets

I hope that you find this recommendation useful.


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